Paying a living wage to our staff

Rāmere, 19 Poutū-te-rangi 2021 (Friday 19 March)

Over the last few months, our Corporate Services and Finance Teams have been working hard to raise the remuneration and salary of all the staff we directly employ, to ensure that we pay a living wage or more. 

As of this week, all our staff salary's were raised to $22.10 per hour or more, to reflect our commiment to manaakitanga. 

Te Rūnanga o Toa Rangatira CEO Helmut Modlik says paying a living wage to our staff is a key way to show value and appreciation for them and the mahi that they do every day.

"A living wage is necessary to show our staff that we care about them and their whānau. Its important that our staff are able to afford the basic necessities of life and provide for themselves and their whānau," Helmut said. 

"We expect our staff to manaaki the people we provide services to, and therefore it is absolutely vital that we walk our talk and manaaki our staff."

While the Rūnanga has taken this initial step to pay a living wage directly to our employees, we are planning to take this move one step further.

"We will soon look at the providers and suppliers we contract, and encourage them to also pay their employees a living wage."

"There is increased financial pressure on whānau to pay their bills and meet basic living costs and we feel passionate about doing our part, not only as a responsible employer, but also as a caring one."

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