Application Process

Completed applications must be received at least one month before the event starts.

Once the grant is completed with all supporting documents, the applications are emailed to the sports committee for approval. Timing of approval depends on the availability of the committee members.

Payment and remittance advice will be sent to the Applicants Representative Club, Association, Regional or National. Grants are paid on the 20th of the month (or the next business day following the 20th).

Due to the high volume of applications for NZ Maori Basketball National Tournament and Waka Ama National Sprint Championships the deadlines for completed sports grant applications are different. Please get your grant applications in as soon as possible to make sure the payments are received before the payment due dates of the tournaments.

Email for any further queries.

1. Applicants Details
Previous Funding Declaration
Parent, Guardian or Authorised Adult over 18 (if applying on behalf of child under 16)