Sports Grants

Please read the following, Purpose & Objectives, Policies and Overview and Terms & Conditions before completing the online Application / Download.

purpose & objectives

Under the direction of the board of Te Rūnanga O Toa Rangatira Inc, the SFA committee assist to undertake the purpose of benefiting the community of Ngāti Toa Rangatira and all members of Ngāti Toa Rangatira irrespective of where those members reside.   To achieve this purpose Ngāti Toa sports grants are distributed according to Rūnanga grant making policies and funding decisions.

The SFA Committee recognises that sport enriches lives and we should enjoy the enormous benefits it brings.  Whether as an individual athlete, a coach/manager, a volunteer, supporter, or through the established Toa sports clubs, everyone can participate in sport and recreation.

These grants aim to increase participation, confidence, achievement and success with:

  • Whanaungatanga – Strengthening friendships and family connections
  • Mana tangata – Building leadership skills
  • Hauora – Improving health (physical & mental)


The SFA Committee was established in 1997 and is empowered by the Rūnanga Board to make funding policies and decisions.  Each year the Rūnanga Board determines the funding budget and based on this budget, policies are reviewed then implemented for the year.

Funding is accessible by registered Ngāti Toa individuals and recognised Toa sports clubs, and applications are received all year round. Grant amounts will be based on factors including but not limited to, access to other funding, ability to fundraise, distance from home to sporting event and number of clubs representing a sport. (specific conditions & criteria apply). All grants are paid direct to the sporting body/club, team or association rather than to individuals.


Funding levels;

  • Up to $500 per person, per annum for international representation
  • Up to $300 per person, per annum for national representation
  • Up to $250 per person, per annum for Youth development funding for individuals under the age of 18 years (contestable funding).  Consideration will be on a case by case basis
1. Individual Sport Grants


To support registered Iwi members at representative level, national or international, and provide for participation, development and excellence.

Funding Levels:

-Up to $250 per person, per annum for national representation
-Up to $500 per person, per annum for international representation


  • Sport – physical activities that are competitive, organised, involve observation of rules, and may be participated in individually or as a team
  • Recreation – activities that encourage social or individual participation, and are active mentally and / or physically and revitalise body and mind
  • Participation – engagement, involvement, the act of sharing in the activities of a group
  • Development – The act or process of growing, progressing, or developing
  • Excellence – The state of excelling or being exceptional
  • Contestable funding - to compete for funds


2. Ineligible Projects


To prioritise funding and seek to balance support on areas that focus on participation in recreation and sport.

Non-Funded Projects:

  • Commercial venture
  • Capital fund or debt reduction
  • Completed projects
  • Promotion of a message rather than the provision of an activity


  • Commercial venture - Activity concerned with making money or profit
  • Capital Fund - funding of capital or fixed assets such as land, buildings or vehicles
  • Debt reduction - payment or relief of any outstanding accounts or loans
  • Completed project - A project or activity that has ended

The SFA Committee in its absolute discretion may accord funds outside these policies.

the sports funding allocation terms & conditions

1.  Applications will be considered for;
a)  Ngāti Toa sports clubs and organisations that are providing sports and / or recreation programmes to Ngāti Toa Iwi members.
b)  Ngāti Toa Teams or Individuals who have been selected to represent their sport at a National level and / or International level.
c)  Ngāti Toa individuals, under the age of 18 years, who have been selected for further development and training and meet the criteria set by the funding committee.
2.  Projects that are not eligible include;
     * Commercial venture 
     * Capital fund or debt reduction
     * Completed projects and events / projects already paid
     * Promotion of a message rather than the provosion of an activity
     * Applications that have received funding from other Ngāti Toa funding committees
3.  Funding levels per person / Activity are;
     Up to $250 per financial year for National Competition
     Up to $500 per financial year for International Competition 
     Club & Project funding at the discretion of the committee 
4.  All relevant items on Checklist must be completed before application can begin to be processed.
nb. Individuals can anticipate national selection and funds are held over until selection is confirmed. We recognised that the timing of representation does not always fit with our funding criteria.
Checklist - Have you remembered everything? 
[] All sections to be completed in full
[] Application to be signed by applicant 
[] Confirmation of selection / representation (must be on letterhead addressed to applicant)
[] Confirmation of costs (must be on letterhead addressed to applicant)
[] Bank Deposit slip or verification of bank account number. Must be bank generated