Te Rūnanga O Toa Rangātira

Te Rūnanga O Toa Rangātira Incorporated (the Rūnanga) is a non-profit incorporated society with charitable status. The Rūnanga is the mandated iwi authority for Ngāti Toa Rangātira and is the administrative body of iwi estates and assets. The Rūnanga deals with the political and public issues of national interest such as Treaty of Waitangi claims, commercial and customary fisheries, health services including primary mental health and residential care services, local government relationships and resource and environmental management.

Moemoeā/ Mission Statement

To promote the mana of Ngāti Toa Rangātira by enhancing the social, economic, educational, cultural and spiritual development of all tribal members, in an open and responsive manner by enabling them opportunities to attain their full potential for the benefit of the Iwi and the community.


Manaakitanga  aroha, hospitality, generosity, respect
Rangatiratanga  self determination
Whanaungatanga  valuing the dynamics of family
Kotahitanga  unity
Wairuatanga  spirituality
Kaitiakitanga  guardianship
Whakapapa  maintaining genealogical links
Te Reo me te Tikanga  uphold Ngāti Toatanga

Goals and Objectives

1. To promote Ngāti Toa Rangātira with pride
a. Te Reo me te Tikanga
b. History and Whakapapa
c. Mana of Ngāti Toa

2. To promote and nurture a healthy, safe and caring environment
a. Environmental Management
b. Health
c. Housing and Land

3. To maximise opportunities for the economic development of the Iwi and Iwi members
a. Treaty claim settlement
b. Working with local government
c. Developing economic opportunities for Ngāti Toa

4. To promote education development at whanau, hapu and Iwi levels.
a. Develop an Iwi education plan
b. Provide scholarships
c. Support marae based education programmes
d. Develop closer relations with the Ministry of Education

5. To rebuild estates and assets of Ngāti Toa.
a. Complete the Treaty settlement
b. Protect customary interests
c. Grow Rūnanga services, capacity and assets

6. To ensure that the Rūnanga has sound and transparent processes in place to manage Iwi activities.
a. Infrastructure/Administration
b. Communications

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