Kaumātua Group
Thursdays | 9:30am
(Closed over School Holidays)   
Diabetes & Arthritis Groups
Roopu Hauora
Thursday 25th October | 10:30am 
Thursday 22nd November | 10:30am
Respiratory Group
Monday 26th November | 10:30am
Tamariki Ora Group
Runs in 6 week blocks, contact Natalie on 2370110
Starts Friday, 2nd November to 30th November 2018
Kindy gym at Kaha Toa Gym
Wednesdays (for over 2’s) | 10:00am
(Closed over School Holidays)
Call Randall (04) 237 0110
Aqua Aerobics
Tuesdays & Thursdays | 8:00am-8:45am at Cannons Creek Pool with Emmanuel
(Closed over School Holidays) 

Tuesday mornings at Cannons Creek Medical Centre call (04) 237 5152
By Referral from GP at Takapūwāhia Medical Centre call (04) 237 4503 
Eczema Clinic
4th Friday of each month, Cannons Creek Medical Centre, for tamariki aged 0-18yrs
By appointment only, call (04) 237 5152
Wound Clinic: Thursday 9-3pm, Cannons Creek
Hearing Technician
2nd Thursday of each month at Takapūwāhia Medical Centre (04) 237 4503
Tuesday at Cannons Creek - (04) 237 5152
Gym Hours
Monday-Friday | 8:30am-8:00pm
Please ensure that you're registered or call Randall, Mel or Nooroa (04) 237 0110
Lie Pace Circuit
Fridays | 9:30am in the Gym
(Suitable for ALL ages/ability)
Tai Chi
Monday | 10:30am
Wednesday | 9:00am-10:00am
Friday | 10:30am-11:15am
In the Gym with Nooroa
Tamariki Ora/Immunisation Clinic
Free vacination clinic every Thursday - by appointment 
Flu & Shingle vaccines and childhood schedule:
Waitangirua Medical Centre: Thursda 1pm - 4.30pm 
Wednesday Open Clinics - No appointment necessary 
Health Unit
Every Wednesdays 9am - 3pm 
Breastfeeding Support Centre
Tuesdays | 10:00am-2:00pm
Tamariki Ora Whare, 20 Ngāti Toa St, Takapūwāhia
Tuesdays & Thursdays at Takapūwāhia Medical Centre  
Wednesday & Thursday at Cannons Creek Medical Centre
Friday at Waitangirua Medical Centre 
Bookings are made through the Ora Toa Medical Centres
Available at Ora Toa Cannons Creek only
Dental Services
Available at Ora Toa Cannons Creek only